Tuesday, September 9, 2014

school lunch: hot lunch

During the never-ending winters we seem to have, my son gets kind of tired of cold lunches and craves something more cozy and warm.  To solve this dilemma, I searched and researched and ultimately bought this thermos online.  And I. Have. Loved it.  I simply make up his hot lunches in the mornings before school.

You have to pour in boiling water first and close it up... let that sit while you prepare the rest of the lunch (5-10ish minutes, though I think the instructions recommend more).  Then dump out the boiling water and add the hot food (likely nuked during the wait time).  Seal it up, and send your kiddo on his/her way!

The thermos keeps the food piping hot for hours, certainly long enough to make it to lunch.  I've even sent something cold with a cold pack in there next to it, and it's fared just fine.  The best part: it opens up a TON of options for school lunch!  (( Helloooooo, leftovers! ))

Don't be afraid to think outside the box a bit for these hot lunches.  We've done all sorts of things, from lasagna to soup to chocolate malt-o-meal to mac-n-cheese.  Let me know what YOU try!  What's your favorite hot lunch to pack for school??

school lunch #29

Nutella sandwich
Cheddar cheese

Easy peasy.

school lunch #28

This lunch isn't super pretty (Cling Wrap, while handy, is not the most delicious-looking stuff), but it was yum.

Saltine crackers
Tuna sandwich spread
Yogurt + berry delight

school lunch #27

Cheese quesadilla
Boiled egg

bacon pancake dippers


RECIPE: Bacon Pancake Dippers

This is more of a concept than a recipe.  I saw this idea online and thought I'd give it a try for James' school lunch.  I used my From Scratch Pancake recipe (though batter from a store-bought mix would work equally well) and just added cooked bacon into the batter as the pancake cooked.  I tried several different methods: pouring the batter onto the skillet then placing cooked bacon on top before flipping, dredging the cooked bacon in the batter and then cooking, breaking the cooked bacon up into teensy pieces and then adding it to the batter. All of the methods worked, but the first one was probably the easiest.  I liked it but didn't love it.  It's a good way to sneak some bacon into an herbivore's school lunch, though! :)  Mmm... bacon. Crazy kid.

school lunch #26

Bacon Pancake Dippers
Homemade syrup
Greek yogurt

school lunch #25

Mini bagel with cream cheese
Celery with peanut butter and fishy crackers (for "going fishing")
Boiled egg
and a little treat