Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Becky Homecky Cooking Tip No. 1

Freeze your uber-ripe bananas!

You heard me. Freeze them. When my bananas get too ripe/old and I don't want to utilize them now nor toss them, I pop them into the freezer. Just like that. Don't peel them, chop them, nothin'. Then when you want to use them in a muffin recipe, etc., pull them out of the freezer, nuke them for a few seconds {I do about a minute for 3 bananas}, goop them out of their peels, and Ta Da! Your bananas are prime for baking. It works like a charm, is super quick and easy, and really- who doesn't love stretching produce life a little longer? Give it a try... and let me know what you think.


  1. I do this ALL the time! My mom has a divine banana bread recipe and I usually put a couple bananas at a time into the freezer over a few months. Then when I get a good stock, I pound out a double or triple batch of my mom's recipe and we eat it within a couple of days! I find that the best wat to get them out of the peels is to thaw them and then cut off the end and squeeze it out toothpaste-style...

  2. I just peel them and throw them in a ziploc, then add to them the next time we don't eat them fast enough. We make Banana milkshakes (about 1 cup milk, 1-2 frozen bananas and a dash of vanilla extract.) Love them. Also great for this recipe, instead of ice and fresh bananas.