Sunday, January 16, 2011

egg, ham and cheese bagel-wich

Last week should be dubbed The Week of the Bagel-wich. My kids and I dined one night at my friend Li's, and she served... bagel-wich. The following day, my next-door-neighbor and friend Aubrey brought us dinner... bagel-wich. The coincidences were undeniable. The stars aligned. We NEVER made these at our house, but how could we deny fate? :) We've now made them ourselves- a couple of times {since last week - lol}. The idea is certainly not my own, but here is our rendition.

RECIPE: Egg, Ham and Cheese Bagel-wich

plain bagels {Sara Lee's are scrumptious}
ham, thickly sliced
sharp cheddar cheese, sliced
salt/pepper to taste

On a hot griddle, sear the ham slices. Place the ham on your bagel bottom. Place a layer of cheddar on top of these. Nuke the stack for about a minute, or until the cheese melts. Meanwhile, fry up the egg like you like it- also on a hot griddle, seasoning with salt/pepper. Place the egg on top of the bagel-ham-cheese stack, then top with the corresponding bagel piece. Serve warm. Devour. And Mmm... love it!

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  1. This sounds so yummy Bec! (And easy- which is pretty high on my list of priorities.) Quick question- do you actually bake a ham and slice it thick or do you buy ham already sliced into thick slices? (Can you hear it? I'm just dripping with laziness today.)