Tuesday, September 9, 2014

cooking tip: preserving apple slices

Cooking Tip: Preserving Apple Slices

When you're wanting to keep apple slices from browning, perhaps to send them to school in a kid's lunch box as Apple Slice Sandwiches or something equally delicious, first treat them with lemon water!  Just get a kid-sized bowl and put a bit of water in, say 1/4 cup.  Then splash in a tsp or so of lemon juice concentrate (the bottled kind you buy at the store).  Swish it around.  Submerge and swish the apple slices in the lemon water, making sure to cover both sides.  Then boom- done!  Pack them up, set them out, whatev.  They should keep just fine!  Pictured are the AFTER SCHOOL photos of the lemon water treated apples.  Not bad, eh?  Crunch.

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